Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thanks DAD!

Dad and I decided to surprise mom with a cool shirt on when she got home from the gym this morning. Grandma Eckerdt got me this shirt and I'm so excited that it now fits me. When I saw moms face so excited to first see me ready for the day and second that I had the cutest shirt on, it made me want to take some pictures. I hope you can all tell that I love this shirt!!


... said...

I can not get over how adorable the facial expressions are! She is a crack up! It will be so fun to see you guys in Vegas! Miss you!

Rylee said...

Katie, so sorry I didn't get back to you! I hope you weren't worried about it all weekend! I did cover your class and everything went fine. I just kept forgetting to get back to you to let you know I'd do it. Hope you have fun on your vacation.