Monday, August 11, 2008

A Note from MOM!

Let me tell you that this has been a very hard week. I'm going to blame Paisleys mad mood on maybe she is getting some teeth. If anyone leaves the room she just has a big melt down. I can't use the restroom without her crying so hard that I start to think she might be hurt. If I tell her no, that means she is definitely going to do it. The fits are already starting. Some how she found some scissors that I was using early in the morning, I ran over to take them away and she starting holding on so tight, then when she realized I took them she began to bite me, kick and scream and throw herself onto the floor. I took her straight to the corner. AT ONE YEAR OLD!!! I don't know what else to do. I can't always do the things that make her happy. 
She wants to do everything that we do. That includes eating. I'm excited that she wants to be apart of the family. She picks up way to much of everything and Tex follows her just chewing as fast as he can. He is my vacuum!!!!
She is finding new places to play every day. Her and Tex love to play under the table and behind the couch. They really do play well together until she hits him hard and then she can't figure out they he won't come out from under the couch. I really don't have anything to complain about. I have a happy and healthy family. Maybe I should start counting my blessing more instead of complaining every chance I get. 


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Your little family is so cute! We miss you guys and hope everything is going well! I have gotten into food storage too and really want to get myself organized. I want to hear about this grocery game. Also your background is super cute! Where did you find it, I have seriously need to learn how to blog better!

Brett & Katie Johnson said...
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