Friday, August 8, 2008


Last week there were a ton of great sales going on at the local smiths. I've been working really hard on having a food storage and extras of everything just in case. I have a friend in the ward who introduced me to the grocery game. It's a great way to look at all the sales at different stores and then it will tell you if there are coupons for that item from the newpaper. This week I bought:
4 cereals
10 baby food
2 pop tarts
2 boxes of cookies
2 rice krispies
2 eggos
2 skintimate save gel
2 speed sticks
8 cleaning supplies
I can't remember what I would have payed but I saved 27 dollars from the store deals. 15 dollars in coupons, ten dollar mail in rebate, and 16.50 in a coupon given to me by smiths for shopping there so much. I only spend 29 dollars for all of that. AND just the baby food and swim diapers were 15 dollars. You might think that saving coupons and only getting 1 or 2 dollars off is not that great but when you put them together with store deals you really can save!!!!!!

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Erica said...

Love the blog guys! We are so excited that we can keep up on your life this way. We hope that everything is going good for you. Hey, awesome bargain hunting