Monday, November 19, 2012

To Grandmas house we go

 We were able to go up to Nyssa last month and had so much fun. We went with lots of cousins to the "The Farm" and jumped on a big pillow and crawled throw the creature and even filled up the whole cow train ride. SOOOO cold for us but we did it.

 Just wanted to document that I had to ride the cow ride with Diesel. SOOO FUN!
 Diesel and Paisley have been dying to drive a tractor. Grandpa was so nice to let them destroy a field. They loved it.
The trip seemed way to short but it was nice. Brett was off interviewing at Travis air force base and Scott. WE are hoping that he gets a teacher position at one of those bases. We will hear mid December. Fingers crossed.


Nelly O'Neil said...

Such cute agricultural adventures! Nice to see your faces happy and amused on this sunny and irreplaceable day in you life!!!

Nelly O'Neil said... is totally devoted to your post and with to watch even more!