Sunday, September 9, 2012

First week of September

 Monday Brett had Labor day off so we headed up to Mount Charleston for a lunch picnic and alittle hiking. The weather was so nice and there were alot of people so paisley made tonz of friends. Diesel and Dad found sticks and just had stick fights.

 One of the eight friends made that day. Because of school Paisley is having a harder time keeping her emotions under control. She is also really tired so after a couple of hours she had reach the point of no return so we headed home around 430 but we were really sad because we just missed seeing our friends the Nye family.
 Paisley and Diesel gave Diesel a hair cute a week ago in the back on a corner and it was really bothering me so Thursday we headed to Super cuts to get a hair cut. Won't go back but its better. We still need lots of help from aunt Krista.

 My kids are so wonderful. Really they trust me for some reason and they just aren't scared of things. He was wonderful and got two suckers.
 The girl just cut his hair in a straight line. Looked so stupid so I went home and added a nice feather look so he didn't look like  I put a bowl on his head and cut around it.
 Saturday we cleaned and rested then hit up the UNLV football game. Really hot but we really like getting out of the house. Paisley really just liked the food but Diesel loved every minute of it. Next time He and dad can go and Paisley and I will do something else fun. ( I love the games but dealing with the constant asking of food is exhausting)

 He did it!!!! Diesel is potty trained!! We started Wed. at noon and I wanted to die! Thursday was horrible it. Friday got better and then Saturday because dad was home we had some accidents. We haven't got the pooping thing down or having him tell me everytime he needs to go ( I'm a crazy mom who asks every 45 minutes) But he goes everytime and he had no accidents at church today or at home. DOING AWESOME!!!!
This is the back after I got him home. Much better than the bowl look.

This week flew by. Brett is working like crazy and Paisley is loving school. Diesel and I are getting a schedule down and things are going much better. Lots of projects coming up and I've been trying to good food and this time Pinterest is working out unlike most of the time it says how wonderful the food is then I make it and its horrible. Gotta love Pinterest.

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Grandma Brenda said...

Thanks so much for tithe pictures and the update. We miss you guys! Diesel's hair looks much better after your help! You are a great Mom, and I'm so proud of you! Keep up the good work in potty training!