Thursday, August 23, 2012

WOW Hold up I forgot to do Paisley's Birthday

 We went to downtown San Diego and ate at a really good Mexican food place. We were going to grab dessert there to for paisley's birthday but the waiter was horrible and it took forever so we decided to just go grab ice cream. Here is us playing games til it was time to eat. Mostly my dad playing and us sitting.
 After we dropped Grandma and Grandpa off at the airport we need to go eat and sing to our little girl for her birthday. She loved the attention. SO CUTE

 Diesel and Paisley love to shop. Diesel loves hats and shoes (like his dad) and Paisley just wants everything.
 The next morning we were still at our hotel but Paisley wanted to open present. She got lots of cute little things but she loved her umbrella and he marry dress. Isn't she sooo cute.
 After opening all her presents we headed to the beach . we tried to only pick up shells with nothing in them but when we got back and started cleaning them they came to life. SO funny it was to watch the kids react to that.
Paisley is such a joy to us. She will probably always be my hardest kid because we are so much alike But I know that she is so strong in the gospel and loves her heavenly father. I know that she is kind to others and doesn't like to leave anyone out. She will always say sorry when she makes a mistake. She loves to help me.... even when I really don't want it. She is going to start full day kindergarten this year and she couldn't be more excited about it. I'm pretty excited to because we always get along so much better when we have a break from each other. I love my Paisley girl so much. She can definitely challenge me like no one else but she brings me more joy then anyone can. Love you Paisley

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