Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pay Back

 My mom has been needing to get a surgery done for awhile and things just kept coming up. Finally Aug 3 she was able to get it done and I was able to pay her back for always taking care of me.  While I was packing for the trip Diesel and Paisley really wanted some chocolate pudding. As soon as I left the room Diesel began coloring himself. Not what I needed when I was hurrying to leave on time. But man is that face sooo cute or what!!
 We got in Thursday night before my mom had surgery and we were able to go to the county fair ( by the way my husband says I always seem to find a way to make it up there and he is so right, its so getto but its just home to me) Easton was singing that night and we made it just in time to watch her shine. She is so brave and has such a cute  voice.

 Then we had to grab some snow cones. These snow cones really turned your face colors. Thats why I went for the sugar free lemonade.
 We are just heading into the produce shed. Some of the family didn't do produce this year and I really let them have it. Its so fun to see what everyone has grown and then they do pictures and make things and sew. Its just so fun.
 The morning of my moms surgery my dad took her over there and we were able to watch Regan show her steer. The pigs all finished the day before but we were so glad to atleast see regan. Rhett and Diesel really liked playing with eachother. Its cute to see all those little boys.
 Regan did so good. It was her first year and you would have never known it. I don't' think the judge even did. AWESOME job regan

The rest of the week we stayed around my moms house. Her biggest job is feeding a couple of men a day for lunch so we were always there to do that for her and then laundry and cleaning and making sure she was taking her medicine and deep breathes and all the fun things you don't want to do when you don't feel good. My sister in law Tara was so good to me. She took my kids lots of time and they just loved it. My sister in law Erin also took my kids for the afternoon to a jump house and they came home so tired and I love that. I really was nice to spend alittle time with my mom taking care of her. I really have the worlds best mom and it felt good taking care of her and my dad.
 Thursday before we left to go to utah we hit up the Vale pool. Paisley had to swim from one side of the pool to the other with out stopping or touching if she wanted to go off the driveing board. I knew she could do it and I was so proud of her when she did. Look at that cool jump.
Diesel wasn't my star that day. He didn't like the baby pool at all and mom really didn't want to get in the big pool. I also think when there is all those kids around he gets alittle nervous.
We also spent lots of time visiting grandma and grandpa and all the cousins and families. Tara and I did fresh freezer corn for my mom. And they finally got to go on a Tractor ride with Grandpa. After the tractor I took them on a long four wheeler ride and we stopped to see Micheal and Shiela's family. It was a long night but sure worth it.
Friday morning we headed to Utah to pick up dad from the airport and head to the Johnson family reunion.

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