Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st day

My camera is in the car so there will be no pictures but I wanted to get some of this down before my pregnant brain forgets. 5:30 Monday morning I see hands waving in my face with a big smile. MOM I'm going to kindergarden today!!!! She was so excited. I tried to make her sleep til 6:30 but it was pointless. She looked so cute her first day, we decided that we would run to school so that we wouldn't have to deal with all the cars there. We ran into Ava and Lizzie on the way which made going to school even more exciting. As Paisley crosses over the fence Diesel loses it. NO PAISLEY NO SCHOOL NO TEACHER NOOOO cried for about 30 minutes. Until I got him to a little park on the way home. The day was quiet and I was able to get alot done but we did miss her. A LOT!!
 We left the house early to grab her because who wants to be the kids who has to wait forever becuase your mom late to pick you up. She looked still excited when we grabbed her but when I asked her how it was she went quiet. "It was ok mom. well it was boring. No fun." My face drops and I'm nervous. I asked how her teacher was. " fine she just talks about RULES RULES RULES BORING!!!" I convinced her that it was just the first day and thats how it goes but tomorrow it would be better. That made her feel alot better about things (Thank goodness) I was feeling guilty for putting her in full day kindergarden because no one else did. Was I a bad mom. Am I selfish? Why can't I just be like everyone else?? After talking with my husband and our parents awhile ago we knew that it was right for paisely. Shes not like other kids. She is so busy and loves to learn and really needs to be busy all day. I know its right for her but when I heard those words of hating school I wanted to rip her out of that class and have her only there 2 and 1/2 hours instead of 6. Besides the fact that I wouldn't have to spend 400 dollars a month that I don't have haha. But I know that this is what is best for her and our family. When we get LoLa in January paisley will need time with her and time away and so will the rest of us. She is so smart and her teacher will really push her and for that I'm greatful.
   Today (tuesday) was so much better. Diesel still cried for about 30 minutes and again at the gym for paisley but we had a good day so hes getting used to it. Amy picked Paisley up for me and she came in so happy. Much better mom. her teacher is very strict so I hope paisley can still bond with her and like her. But what I love about us getting our time apart is that I get everything done and then I was able to sit down and watch a movie with her which never happens. We went to the library and then to petsmart to get food and check out all the animals. We don't fight until about 6 and she is so tired but really we get to enjoy eachother now and I'm loving that.

Side note: tonight paisley saw an old invitation that her friend natalie gave her for her birhtday party and out of the blue paisley says "she must have let me keep that so that I will always be invited to her party." I asked her what she was talking about and she grabbed her invitation and said "Natalie is going to let me keep this so that I can always come to her party, even when she is really old" Eternal friends how cute.


Grandma Brenda said...

I'm sooo glad Tuesday was better! There will always be good days and bad days - drama is part of a girls life, but Paisley is ready for this challenge, she's growing up! I know Diesel will get used to it, but I'll bet it is much too quiet at home with Paisley gone much of the day!! I love you and wish many good days ahead for you and your precious family!

nye.jessica@gmail.com said...

Awwww, there will always be ways for those 2 to party. Hope today was another good day.