Sunday, August 26, 2012

17 weeks

Well we are growing like crazy over here. I took this picture friday (august 24) and i swear I've put on a pound since then. Everything is getting tighter!  We are having a little girl for those who didn't know. Her name will be LoLa Jean Johnson! The kids say her name so cute. We are very excited!

2 comments: said...

You dork!!! I didn't know you were having a GIRL! Such a sweet name.

meg baker said...

That is exciting that you are having a girl. I don't know about that, but I'm sure it is great. So I have been pondering on this funny thing, but bare with me. So we have been trying to figure out a permanent home in this area. We keep toying around with building a home. So I keep dreaming that I get you to fly up here for a week and then we build all sorts of cool things for this new home like a Pergola for my yard and ect. Maybe I think this because you are super handy and I'm refining my table and chairs. It just makes me think about you. So tuck this idea in the back of your mind and then when I actually get a home of my own we will discuss this adventure. We are highly capable women...I think we could tackle something great.