Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Landon's Wedding

 Beginning of January Diesel and I were able to head up to Boise and see my cousin Landon get married to a wonderful young lady named Ashley. The Boise Temple is under construction so we had to drive to Twin Falls. The temple was just beautiful though. So fun to see everyone. Really missed Brett and Paisley but they had a wild time without us. Went to the dinosaur park , swimming, movies, dinner, I don't think they missed us much. Diesel was pretty clingy to me so my brother Barry helped me out and took him on a flower find. Pretty cute huh.
 Grandma June and Papa smelling the flowers and grandpa putting his in his suit.
The lovely couple. They were very excited. We went to the White house???? I can't remember the name of the place but the food was great and it was tonz of fun to just talk with my brothers and there wives. The reception was the next day and it was so cute. Lots of people for a little town. It was so nice that my parents let me come up for such a short time and we were coming back up in like a week but I really didn't want to miss Landon's Wedding. Glad I didn't.

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