Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Diesel turns 2

 Diesel  was pretty excited about his birthday this year.... not as much as Paisley was but he join in on the excitement. Boys toys are so much cheaper than girls toys so he got lots of cool things and he just loved the guns we got him. He wanted to shoot them with Papa right away. My dad is so wonderful with my kids when we gets to spend time with them. Diesel can't wait to wake up every morning and first go check and see if the cows are back on the hill and then start calling for Papa, he settles for grandma (sorry mom ) but he really wants my dad.

We has such a great time visiting up there. Went to alot of baseball and softball games. The movies and dinner and roaring springs. The best was fishing with my parents. My mom and I caught fishes and they were crap fish but pretty big. The boys were pretty quiet the rest of the day. Family is just so wonderful to be around. We are so lucky to have such great families.

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