Monday, May 21, 2012

Mid May Happenings!

Diesels hair is starting to grow like crazy. He loves to be silly and make paisley laugh. He only had the pony in for a minute and look how it came out.
 WE have been hitting up splash parks alot. Both of my kids love the water.
Tried and FAILED! He can go to the bathroom in the toilet but he hates underwear. He has never seen himself pee before and when he had an accident and it went down his legs that was the end of the underwear. We have been trying things naked to see if that will work better. 

Other fun things:
Paisley got into full day kindergarten!!!!
We got a caterpillar from corn one day and he climbed out of his cup in the night and was loose in the house for 2 days!!! GROSS
WE got new sand in our sand box and the kids are in heaven
Brett and I are playing on a baseball team together and having sooo much fun. I love seeing our old athletic self sometimes.

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