Monday, May 21, 2012

 When the boats came over from Europe to trade with the americans they would bring us stones. This cobble stone road is made from all stones from Europe, pretty cool huh.
 The Angel Tree. IT was beautiful and so big. This isn't even half of it. Just soo pretty.
 Hello meet our ducks at cypress gardens. PLease don't touch the ducks and be very nice to him.
Apparently the duck hasn't learned to be nice back because he was going crazy on brett and I. Biting us all over our feet.
A big thank you to my mom and dad for taking care of our kiddos. They had a wonderful time and I know it was alot of work for my parents. It was wonderful to be alone with my husband and sometimes all by myself. Isn't it silly that I feel bad saying that I really enough being alone but it was so nice. Always with someone so its nice to do my own thing! But on the other side I really missed my kiddos.

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