Monday, September 12, 2011

Last week

These two love there father so much. Diesel would sit there for hours if he needed to. I'm so happy that they love there dad!! They have such a good one.


meg baker said...

Cute little boy. I love when they can feed themselves! And yes you spelled greg walden correctly:) You are still a good granddaughter.

Grandma Brenda said...

Thanks sooo much for the pictures of the kids! They are growing up so fast! I'll bet Diesel is loving being more independent, and I know it takes great patience from his mother to let him "Do it himself". The picture of the kids watching Brett mow the lawn is priceless. I'm sure that was your idea - "You can only go outside if you sit right here on these chairs!", and look - they are doing it!!! Paisley and Diesel have a great Mom and Dad! Love ya, Me