Friday, June 3, 2011


Brett's residency tries to really have the residence stay close together. Every year they want us to do something fun together and this year we went to Zions. The best part is that we all got to go with dad. We got up there on a Friday (don't ask me which one, I'm soooo behind) set up camp and started hiking. It was sooo much fun. Brett went on a hard hike with all the residence and The kids and I hit a little hike with the other mom that came.

Night went pretty well. It never goes perfect but it was fun. Saturday we went to the pools hike and it was beautiful. Paisley walked the whole thing by herself and I was sooo proud of her.

This was a picture from Brett's hike on day 1. He said it was pretty scary at some spots.

Josh, Timboe, Eric, and Nate (not pictured is Keth, Roslin, and Brett)
Just wanted to show you what we dwelt with the whole time. They were everywhere. They were falling out of the trees and hitting us in the head. Millions of them all over and ground and in our stuff. GROSS


meg baker said...

Alright I was eating some jello and well I about lost it on the last picture. Your right... EWWW! Looks like a fun family experience.

sara cardon said...

That is DISGUSTING. I would have died if they fell in my hair or food, or were even in the tent. Blech. Looks like a beautiful spot to camp though!