Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Up North

After leaving Utah we headed up to Oregon to see the Hartley's. The night that we got in we headed to Sizzler to celebrate with everyone...... ITS WAS BRETTS BIRTHDAY!!! We sang to him and he loved it. 35 crazy people in one room. What else could you ask for.

Paisley with some cousins

Striker paisley and Brynlee
Yup there are a herd of us.

this is the only picture I took while we were there. Pathetic I know. Paisley was watching a movie and eating oreos. I went over and said hey pick up those oreos off grandma's couch. Her response. Mom its grandmas house and she loves me and she said I could do it later.
I'm just shaking my head!!!!!!!!!!


sara cardon said...

Classic. It's good to know grandmas everywhere let their grandkids get away with murder.:) Brett's birthday party looks like a blast!

Nate and Jessica said...

That is exactly how it is at my mom's!

Kata said...

Awe, oreos... was she just eating the middle? I think Pais and I would make a great team because I love the outside, not the middle! And lovin the bday bash... our fam parties are at home or chuckarama... haha!