Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pre- school graduation

Miss Lucy and Pais
Paisley's pre school was set straight from Heaven. She learned sooo much and she loved EVERYONE in the class. Not to mention that I was able to have about 5 hours a week to really get some good things done. Mrs. Andrea really loved all the kids and they really loved her. Paisley told me at her graduation "Mom I'm not sad because I still get to see Mrs. Andrea every sunday.... did you know she goes to our church"
Thank goodness we will still get our Mrs. Andrea time. Thanks mrs. andrea.
from left to right ( Jenna, ammon, john, cruel, lucy, Logan, cannon, and paisley)

There program was sooo cute. I wish I had my camera to record the whole thing. Paisley was sooo cute. She knew every song and surprise surprise she isn't shy about ... ANYTHING! She sang so loud and pretty.
Paisley knows her address, phone number, all the letters sounds, shapes, colors, opposites of actions, how to spell her name and write it, she knows a couple of numbers but she really doesn't want to learn them at all. She can count to thirty with me giving her the number 30! Has really started to love coloring inside the lines and reading books. We are so proud of you Paisley

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