Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just hanging out

Well Nothing new happening at the Johnson's. I've been busy making a storage box and making treats. Paisley has been busy helping mom and working on her makeup and different outfits. Diesel has been sick for about 6 months and we are having a hard time find out whats wrong with him. We have been so tonz of doctors and everyone says something different. Thursday night we will be going and getting a sleep study done to see if his cough and wheeze is affectiving his sleep because he sleep all day long. After that we will be seeing an ENT since its not all reflects or anything else people have told me that it is. Keep him in your prayers please.

Hummy cinnamon rolls.Paisley after she ate 2

Paisley after eating a Hi Hat Cupcake

Best buddies. I can't believe there that big and both mine.

Yes she is mine. I don't know where the love for cloths and makeup are coming from but she sure looks good done it.
Brett has been busy like always. We are sure excited to get to see him on the weekends again. Its been almost 4 months of busy days but it will be getting alot better soon. We are hanging in there.

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