Monday, December 20, 2010

Heading North

Well it snowed! and it snowed and snowed. I can never remember it snowing before Christmas and it was snowing like a couple days after Thanksgiving.... Crazy
Rocky using the tractors to shovel the snow. So Country

We decided to hit the snow hard. Snowmobiles and Tractors

Paisley got to spend some quality time with Brynlee. She really really misses her. WE got to spend a few other times with her as well and it was just not enough.

The kids had alot of fun in the snow. Easton made a tunnel and all the kids sledded behind the tractor and then Micheal brought up the snowmobile and the went down the mountain. Earlier we were up at Rock and Julies going down that hill. I didn't bring anything to wear but Julie hooked me up. We had a wonderful time at there house. Such a wonderful time I decided that it would be my last time out in the snow for the day.
during the snow day Diesel was screaming and wanting to do something big.... I think he picked something toooo big.

There are so many more girls in this family but man we are making a come back with the last four.
We really missed having Dad up there with us. He had to go back to crappy work. We are excited to head up at Christmas and see everyone.

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