Thursday, August 12, 2010

WE missed it

we woke up and left our house and 6 o'clock for a 7:30 flight. We made it there at 6:30 and the lines weren't bad at all. Made it up stairs to the security and everything went bad. Right when we got there they moved 20 people into my lane and that was the only lane I could go into. Then they inspected paisleys lego camera for 10 minutes and ran everything though the machine again and just talked and talked about it. Finally we make it throw and we have 15 minutes til the plane leaves us. We are running all over and find out our gate is FOREVER away and my daughter was sooooo tired and didn't want to run fast at all. We make it to the gate with 5 minutes and they said they closed the gate and wouldn't open it. We watched that plane for 10 minutes just sit there while we tried to find another way to get to grandmas. There was a plane leaving in an hour and it would get us there at 4 with a few stops. Our first stop was LA, then San Jose, then Reno, then Boise. 2 children, 3 bags, a car seat and no help. Thank goodness we all took some naps. But like Paisley says,"its ok mom we will be to grandmas soon" we would do anything to get to grandmas

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