Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Oh what a reunion. We had such a wonderful this weekend up in Cedar at Aunt Debs and Uncle Jims cabin. Paisley, Diesel and I headed up thursday morning and Dad came up Friday night. Paisley played and played with all her cousins. This beautiful picture she made was on craft day. And she crafted for 6 hours and I'm not kidding. She loved being all on her own and making a big mess. Grandma came out to check on her and she said" go away grandma I'm doing a wonderful job" thats my girl

I'm not sure who started it but everyone wanted a stash before the day was over.

Cindy doing jell toes. What a girly girl.

On a flower walk.

our whole body pretty much looked like this.

So much for that shirt


Diesel just hanging back listening to all the excitement.Opening grandma's present

Miss Madi wanted to help and be around PaisleyLater in the day we went to a man made lake and had a great time getting all messy

Diesel and Mom. We just hang out alot.
Saturday night we had a game night. It was so much fun and Dad cleaned out. He won the arm wrestle contest, marshmellow contest (24 to be exact) and the crab walk. I didn't get any picture nor did I get to watch much cause little man was eating and he wasn't doing so well over the weekend with eating. Krista and Anna did such a wonderful job with the reunion, Thanks Girls


Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

Oh how fun...Diesel is soo cute, i never did get to go to the the kids discovery center and man does it look awesome! I have been thinking about ya and wanted to call ya but get side tracked...sorry! I hope all is well and things are going a little better...I still have rough days with Addy, like today, where I felt like all I did was discipline Addy but tomorrow is a new day...Art is on call tonight and I always seem to go to bed late on these nights for some reason, I guess it is the whole sleeping alone thing...Anyways WE SURE do miss you guys Give your kiddos a big hug for us!

Nate and Jessica said...

And now you are off on another adventure! Hope you traveled safe and have a great time. See you when you get back.