Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Prince's in town

It was such a wonderful weekend. Our good friends Ashton, Dani, Abby, and Chase came down to meet Diesel for the first time. They got down here Saturday morning and we decided to head to the childrens discovery center to let the kids go at it. After hours or playing we headed to eat and boy was dinner GREAT! The kids weren't awful either which always helps.We came home and put the kids to sleep and played Ticket to ride (best game ever!) We were able to just hang out on sunday and it was just wonderful. We really missed having these guys be so close. Thanks for coming.

Biggest bubble EVER!

Abby playing dress up

Paisley tried on EVERY OUTFIT. We were here for along time.

Oh the Smiths store. She played and played in this little store. Brett and I had to trade off lots of times.

checking out daniworking on a car with dad

sparkle shoes rom under a car. what a sightChase and Paisley singing some songs
Diesel when we got there

20 minutes later.Before they left Abby and Paisley played hair. I KNOW abby didn't do this (Hair spray)

Thursday the 22nd our dear friends found out that there little man Chase has Leukemia. They have been up in salt Lake ever since. I know there world has been turned upside down. Its crazy that they were just here and everything was fine and now everything is so different. WE are praying for you guys like crazy and can't wait to see you guys.

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The Diquattro Family said...

Hi Katie, This is Melissa Diquattro. I babysat Paisley once and we hung out a few times with Dani and the kids. I'm looking for the Prince's address. I've misplaced it. I want to send little Abby a letter. With everything going on with Chase I just want her to know me and Adam are thinking of her and her family. You can text or email it to me. 480-266-8069 or rdiquattro@hotmail.com. Thanks so much. Oh and your kids are adorable!