Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Growing up

The updates have been pretty poor these last couple of months. We were in Vernal the month of March. It was alot of fun being with Brett's parents. The first couple of days it snowed and I was so sad.... I want the SPRING! Brett's dad got a snow blower and got Paisley and Brett. She thought it was so funny.

Paisley has turned into Miss Chef. Every time she hears we start cooking she runs in and grabs whatever I have and says I can do that mom. She loves making pancakes in the morning and adding spices to the mix.

Bath time has turned into tea party/fill every cup I own with water and then spill it all over the side and make my dad go crazy! She wants to play in there for 30 minutes at least. She always sneaks out and grabs more dishes from her kitchen.

she takes out all my dishes so that she can play in my cabinets. She loves using all my dishes and just pretending to cook for all of her kids

The Moo Cows. Every morning and night we head up to feed the cows. We all love feeding the cows. It's nice to have something to do every night that gets you out of the house. Paisley likes to take the strings and put them in a pile for her dad. She is pretty good help but her dad is very patient with her.

We have started Ballet these last couple of months and WE LOVE IT! we talk about it all the time. She really tries hard when she is there and she knows that she has to listen to her teacher and not watch mom. She is growing up.

New things Paisley does:
She knows:
her birthday
our churches name
the days of the week
count to 20 minis 16
the prophet
who Joseph smith is
says the prayers all by her self
sings a million songs
working on knowing all of the alphabet by sight- hard one for us

My girl talks like a twenty year old. She understands way to much and loves to be in charge. Watch out Diesel.. your sister is a hand full