Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Big Changes

Yup... you all know that we are pregnant. I'm going on 29 weeks and I'm starting to feel the strength of this child. I'm tired at night mostly but other than that no complaints, great baby so far! ( Brett couldn't resist trying this on at Pea in the pod)
At the end of February Brett and I headed down to Las Vegas to figure out just what we were going to do when we moved down. Brett really wanted to buy and I was totally going for rent. We spent every waking moment looking at new houses, old houses, rentals... EVERYTHING. It was also our anniversary so we stayed one night at TRUMP towers. It was pretty cool. The other nights we stayed in a regular hotel and that made the towers look EVEN better. Thanks hun for the wonderful weekend away.

So after many hours of looking and many prayers we decided on buying this home. We really love it. We offered a low price for it and it included alot of up grades. Blinds, all appliances, better cabinets, built in security system, water softener, marble in all bathrooms and nicer granite counter tops. The next morning they called and said they would take it. We are pretty excited for the big move and buy. We have been completely cleared and we sign at the end of April. It was really neat being able to buy this house on our own. Family has helped us so much with many things and it was nice to be in a position that Brett and I could do this on our own.
The picture above is the hall bathroom.

Our kitchen and dining room. I'm standing in the living room taking the picture.

This is the outside. It's a one store home with 4 bedrooms, 2 bath, 2 car garage, and a big back yard. We are pretty excited and nervous all at the same time.