Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Projects

I'm starting to learn that Holidays.... well life just seem to pass us by way to quickly. Doing fun things along the way does seem to slow things down just a little though. For family home evening we finally had Barry and Tara's family over , long over due, and I decided that we would make a Christmas house to top the evening off. The girls loved it. They played for a sold hour and they really didn't make a mess at all. I was so proud of myself for putting in alittle extra time and letting the girls do something fun.

Brynlee's and Laney's

Paisley did 100% more eating then decorating. I believe that she thought that you should just paint your house white and eat the candy now. All of the candy on the house were forced on there by me.

Really easy Christmas project. Made a house out of rice crispy treats and made icing. I bought a ton of candy at the dollar store down by wal-mart ( They HAD A TON) all for about 7 dollars. Great night, thanks guys

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Rylee said...

i'm loving all the posts from you. its so fun to watch paisley enjoy the holidays. hope you guys have a merry christmas!