Thursday, September 24, 2009


When I was young my mom and dad say that I wore a swim suit, back pack and running shoes, always ready to run away from my brothers I'm guessing. Paisley loves her swimming suit. Seriously loves it and her cow boy boats. Don't forget her Dora back pack. My little girl is sure full of it... full of crap, no's, yelling, bossing, biting, but mostly just full of life. I need to remember that!


Rylee said...

definitely jealous! only paisley can get away with an outfit like that. :)

djzmcallister said...

Absolutely love the cowboy boots, and yes she is always full of life and has a cute little personality. We love her.

The Hartley Family said...

were missing that lively girl these days. Brynlee keeps asking if we can go to vegas and pick Pasiley up!!!