Friday, September 11, 2009

It's almost over

I can't believe that summer so almost gone. I'm excited for fall, if you can't tell from my new background, but I'm really going to miss watching my little girl do so many new things and learning how to go potty and being most of the time....... really challenging! The summer is not gone yet but I'm feeling the Good bye coming soon.

We have done lots of new things in this house. Eating corn on the cob.... which she loves. And playing with Grandma's playdo.(even though its ours she still thinks thats its name)

So so so may tired nights. Hard to keep our bed time every night!

WE DID IT! She is 100% potty trained. She only wears a diaper at night but she rarely pees in it. I'm so proud of her. she could have done it at 18 month but mommy was so lazy!

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