Friday, September 4, 2009


It was fair time and Paisley was in heaven,, who am I kidding I was in heaven to. I just love the fair! she loved seeing all the animals and play with them.

We were able to watch all the cousins show there animals. Paisley thought it was so cool to cheer there names out.

Gavin won like everything. He did a really really good job! Go GAvin

The fair is not complete unless we have some mini donuts. I just love them sooooo much. Now Paisley does to.

Paisley showing her dad our pumpkin. It won first place out of the Home and garden section. BIG DEAL !!!!!

Jacie's lady bug made out of onions. so cute

Madi's piggy

It was so much fun watching my little girl play with all of her cousins and enjoy country life. You don't get to do these things everywhere you go so I'm sure glad we get to atleast do it for this year.

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Bateman Family said...

I have fond "fair" memories and miss the hometown atmosphere. Looks like "home" is treating you well.