Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dora Dora

Country life allows Paisley to really wear whatever she wants all day long. We have been come inseparable from our swimming suit and water boots. Have you also noticed the kitty cat, her name is Dora Dora. Paisley loves her and Dora Dora puts up with her. Brett said we would never have a cat but I just knew paisley would fall in love.

This post dates back to the end of July and I'm finally posting it today... End of August. We recently headed up to Utah for a big test for Brett. My mom and came feed Dora Dora but when we got home Dora Dora had fun away. She must have gotten in a bad crowd. We haven't replaced her yet but we are running out of storied to tell Paisley why Dora Dora isn't coming when she calls. Poor girl

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Rachelle said...

that seems to happen a lot at our house, we leave for the weekend and when we get back our cats are gone. Luckily Mike and Sheila keep us stocked in kitties!!