Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Father's Day

The week before Father's Day my father called me to tell me that they had bigger news than someone having a baby... What could that be ..... He was being called to be the Bishop in the Owyhee ward on Father's Day. He told us early so that we could fly home and spend the day with them. It was really neat to see my dad up there. He does a wonderful job and I couldn't be prouder of my Father.

Along with all the excitement of Father's day weekend we had Barry, Tara, and there girls over for dinner and smores. It was so much fun. The girls were a mess and were loving the smores. Laney and Brynlee were smart enough to know not to play in the dirt after there hands were sticky from the marshmellow but not Paisley. She ran over and picked up cut grass and than realised that it wasn't coming off. It was so funny seeing her try to clean her hands off. TO CUTE!


Elliot and Traci said...

Haha! That is soooo adorable. I love the bottom shot. Such frustration! :) It was really good seeing you last weekend. Love you!

Rachel Romans said...

I love her trying to get her hands clean. How adorable!!