Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4th of July~~

We love the 4th around these parts. Water + fire..... who wouldn't. It was so fun seeing our girl play in the water for hours and just love being with her cousins.

We had the party at our house this year. It was nice getting everyone together to do something fun. The food was amazing even though I don't think the kids really ate much... play play play

water ballon fight. All that work and it was over in about 2 minutes. TO MANY KIDS!

Notice the air plane. We see alot of these around here. They are spraying the field right infront of my house and the kids were going crazy. The wind was blowing the spray away from us so we didn't have to go inside so it was just fun watching the plane be so close and do so many fun tricks ( he was showing off)

this would be Paisleys third outfit for the night. Pink dress with her pink boots. She request them alot. It was so much fun being all together. We have really missed that the last couple of years


Marti Bair said...

You take great pictures. I love the pink boots!

Elliot and Traci said...

Looks like you had fun! I love Paisley's face when she's staring at the sparkler, haha.