Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pre Vegas- Vernal, UT

Before heading down to Las Vegas for the month of June we were able to make a stop in Vernal to see Brett's parents. It was so nice to be up there and spend some time with just them. We went up to a beautiful lodge and had dinner. Paisley just wanted to play outside with the duckies! It was so wonderful to be up there. Can't wait to go again.

Saturday morning we received a nervous call that grandpa hadn't made it down the mountain from last night. WE were all very worried but they lived 6 hours away so we stayed very close to the phone and waited to hear any news. Soon Grandma called and asked Connie to please come be by her side while they looked for Grandpa. Brett and I couldn't make that trip because we had to be on our way to Vegas. Once we reached Provo we heard the very sad news that Grandpa had passed away. It was very hard to hear that he was gone. He was a joy to know, an amazing Grandpa to my husband and Paisley. WE miss him terribly!

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