Saturday, May 16, 2009


After being home for about......... 48 hours paisley noticed something on the hill and wanted to go check out what it was. COWS!!! Grandpa introduced our little girl to cows and we have never been the same. She wanted out of the car as soon as we stopped and she wanted to touch everyone of them, even the really big ones. Grandpa was so patient with her and told her all about the cows. It was awesome seeing my little girls face. She doesn't belong in the city, she's a country girl. 

Grandpa needed to check on his cows because alot of them were having babies , so off we went looking for new baby cows. It was our lucky day. A brand new baby calf, only hours old . Mom couldn't believe it when grandpa stopped the car and told her to grab paisley and let her touch it. Mommy cow couldn't believe it either. No really the mom did pretty well. They trust my dad alot and he just kept telling her that everything was ok. Thank you so much grandpa

This day changed my little girls life, we talk about moo cows all day long. She ran inside to tell Grandma she saw the moo cows and that she touched one. So excited. for about 3 weeks we all got to go up every morning and night and feed all the cows for my dad. Paisley got right up next to them and told them her business. I don't think the cows liked being told what to do so they got mad at her a lot but she didn't care. Nobody tells Paisley what to do! No one.

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ryan. heather. macie. millie. said...

That's awesome... Macie would LOVE that too. She loves animals. You're parents are the greatest! Tell them hello from us and give them our love. We miss you guys and we really do need to see each other SOON! When's the next trip to Utah?? I think we're going to come up for Cirbi's wedding reception in Vale. Hopefully see you then if not sooner.

Heart you!

The Marchbanks :)