Friday, March 6, 2009

Random weeks

Lately we have been really really bored at home. We have alot of things coming up but NOTHING right now. Because of that mom is letting me get away with alot more. I'm loving it.

Nothing beats Chips, Salsa and Pudding

See insisted on carrying Texas food to the car. We didn't make it the whole way but I was surprised how strong she is.

tractor driving........ Grandpa should be proud.

Sucking on my big toe..... GROSS!

And finally... bubbles at 7 in the morning. That was a long long day


reece said...

I wish we could come play but we just got back from the doc and Peyton has RSV!! Steer clear of our house for a while!

reece said...

that last comment was from rylee, i'm signed in under reece...oops