Saturday, March 7, 2009

Heading to Portland

Today was Dad's last day out at the Base. I needed to take Dads picture for the Blog and Paisley just insisted that she be right in the picture. She is getting more and more personality everyday. Just listen now and she will some how let you know just what she wants or needs.
We are in PORTLAND! WE always come up to watch our cousins wrestle at the state wrestling tournament. It's our favorite thing to do. We got in late Thursday night so as soon as we finished breakfast at 6:30 we headed right for the pool. We went and picked this little suit up before going on vacation. She was looking a little "Juicy" in her last year one.

The best part about this trip is watching paisley play with all of her cousins. EVERYONE comes up to this and the parents watch the matches and the kids head up to the very top and just play. She is not quit old enough to be up there on her own but man she did keep up with those little ones.

Our buddy carson

Our favorite person to pick on .... AMIDY! We really love little ones and we think they just need to be hugged and kissed and constantly be touched. Amidy didn't like that so much. Hopefully Amidy will come over lots and we can get better at that.

I'm not sure why there are no pictures of all the rest of my family. I'm thinking that I started before Landon wrestled and as soon as he was up I watched and then forgot what I was doing. Landon took state for his second year and it was CRAZY. He wrestled so well and I was so proud of him. I'm really excited to get to know him and his sisters better. Since Brett and I got married and Paisley came along I don't see some of my favorite people in the whole world often enough. I'm really excited!

Well after day 2 of being there I thought that I lost my camera so the pictures end here... but the fun doesn't. We all went to the zoo and Paisley just loved it. She knows so many animals and there sounds. She is such a animal person. She went right in with the goats and just loved on them (alittle to much for the goat I think). She is really going to love being on the farm. I thought that you got your name of being a "farm girl" just because you live on a farm but not for us... we were born that way.


Rylee said...

Juicy...gotta love that word! haha Looks like Portland was fun. I am getting extremely sad you guys are leaving so soon. DON'T GO!

Jewels said...

Paisley is workin that swimsuit! She is such a cutie- Rock always says she is such a little version of you. If you send me your email I'll send you a link to our blog. Love you guys and can't wait until you guys are back here. Thanks for all your help with the rugrats in Portland.