Monday, March 9, 2009


Yup grandma and grandpa came down to visit me!!! Our first day we did alot of shopping which I love and then went out to dinner at Claim Jumper!!! YUMMMM. Before we went home they all surprised me and took me to see the horses that I talk about. It was the best night ever. Grandma and grandpa even bought me a few extra tokens to go back.

Day 2- The park. I've been dying to show Grandma and grandpa how well I climb up this big mountain. My pants kindof got in the way but I think they saw how good I was.

Day got off early that day so we headed to the stripe to walk around for awhile. We happened to find an awesome car show. It was alot of fun watching the boys talk about cars. I didn't understand one word!!! ahdfkahsdkfhaskdfhaskdf

Every one has always said that I'm great at always loving the most expensive things. It's not like I like things as soon as I see how much. I just always pick the most expensive. Just like at the car show. I saw this car and thought it was the best looking and there were a ton of really good looking cars and it just so happened to be the most expensive. It's just a gift.

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