Saturday, March 21, 2009


Last week I finally got sick of mom and dad always going to the big potty and me having to go in my diaper. So I told mom it was time for me to pull the old potty out and give it a try. I tried for a long time and I really gave it a great effort. Finally this is what I got! I was very proud. So was my mom and dad.


The Lanier Family said...

That's funny! Yay Paisley!

salter said...

Way to go Paisley! That's very impressive. pooping in the potty the first time is such a trick -but you're pretty tricky. Sam's not that tricky yet, however, the night of your going away party he was busy pooping lots -in his diaper, and puking. He had the stomach flu. Ali was sad she couldn't make it -we all were. Good luck and thanks for all you did.