Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Daddy's Day Off

Today instead of my dad going to work in the morning he just stayed home with me. It was really awesome. My mom and dad were busy getting ready for the day so I decided to get into my fort. I really like to push everything out of moms cabinet and sit in there and watch them. My mom thinks I'm so funny.

I'm starting to notice that every time I go with my dad to a store he puts this weird things on my head. I love my dad a lot so I just let him do it.

Look at me on this really big horse. When I would touch his hears he would sing and stuff. I kind of want it but my mom says that it is probably to big for me.

To finish off the night my dad took his girls out to dinner. We picked Olive garden so that I could get some noodles. It was such a great day. I keep asking my dad to get more days off now.

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