Monday, August 18, 2008


This month has been a little more realistic on what life will be like when dad goes to real work. Let me tell you this sucks. Dad is gone for like all day and then mom says its time for bed. Its just well........ its just hard. I want my daddy to know that he's the greatest thing even. He always plays with me and teases me. My favorite thing is hide and seek. 

This morning was really hard. I was able to spend all weekend with my daddy and then I woke up and he kissed me and left. I cried a little.... well a lot and decided to grab a book and just wait for him, I was sure it won't be long. Mom finally convinced me that he wasn't going to be mom for many many hours. It was a sad understanding but mom and I had fun. 

ONLY 45 MINUTES  Later to mom and I's surprise dad came home. He said they didn't need him for awhile and that we were going to play. I love my dad, I know he's the greatest dad ever.


Brett & Katie Johnson said...

i love your blog love conlee

Brett & Katie Johnson said...

ilove you brett and katie nik