Monday, August 25, 2008

Mom got a gun to protect us and so she thought that maybe she should practice. She didn't do as well as she was hoping but she did hit something ....... sometimes. Thanks to the grandpas and dad helping her she said she will take care of me. Thanks mom. 
Mom and Dad finally learning that I don't like to be left alone. I can walk now and I should be able to go every where they do. It's really not fair that I have to stay behind. So I'm going to keep screaming at the top of my lungs until they learn.
My buddy Tanner received the Priesthood this weekend. It was really neat. He's so nice to me, I'm so glad that I have great cousins, but I sure miss them. I love you guys.
OH Grandpa! Thanks for always playing with me. I love that you sing to me and rock me. Getting to spend time with you sure makes the trip worth it. LOVE YA
This picture says it all. It was a wonderful weekend. There is truly no where I would rather be then with my family. Some day we will do this every weekend. Know that I love you guys and miss you every day. 

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The Hatch Family !!! said...

Oh how we miss you guys, yeah I just got off the phone with you Katie, but seeing pictures just make one realize how much we miss hanging out with you three and playing with Paisley, Addy, especially misses her "Half Sister" and favorite gal pal...I have a theory, I think the girls are Boycotting their mommies because they haven't played together FOREVER, so they are being exceptionally BAD, any thoughts! I think doing something once a week together would help me feel better, what about you!

I am still very serious on the whole date night thing so we both get a break and enjoy some down time ALONE with the hubbies and I am also up for a girls night once a month you and I have some more chatting to do!