Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm changing every day


Lately we have really picked up on our eating. We eat a lot of good things for ya but man do we love to eat treats. In this picture I'm loving on an Oreo. I always first eat all the white stuff in the middle and now I'm working on the crackers that mom said I had to eat before getting a new one. She also loves to sit his way in her chair when she is eating on her own. Cute.
Oh have we learned to climb. She climbs on all her toys, pillows, stairs and most recently me. She thinks it is so funny to get to places that mom tells her not to. She always has found the off/on button for the TV. She never wants to turn the TV off until mom sits down to watch something. Then we play this fun game off mom getting up and getting mad and moving me. More exercise then I want.
Oh thank you Uncle Barry. When Barry and Tara came down to visit we went to eat at Cheese Cake Factory in Cesars Palace. Paisley was not doing well. Uncle Barry had tried earlier to get her a toy and mom and dad did a good job of not letting him. But then uncle Barry took paisley for a walk because she was screaming and they came back with his. Kitty goes with us everywhere and when I ask her where her kitty is she knows just what I'm talking about. I guess she is more and more like me then I thought.
We are walking everywhere. We don't believe in crawling at all. If we fall down we stand right back up. I put shows on her the other day and she was falling all over the place. She wants to get down more when we are out so she needs to have shoes on. So we are trying to keep shoes on her all the time. Practice Practice Practice.
Cake anyone. On sunday we had our friends Ashton and Dani over for the afternoon. ( they are leaving us soon so we are trying to fit in as many visits as possible) We decided to make chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Man was it good. This is Paisleys second piece of cake.

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