Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 1 of San Diego Trip

 It was so fun having my parents come to San Diego, I know it was a huge sacrifice for them and we really appreciate it. WE woke up and headed to Denny's before hitting up sea world. Once breakfast started I think my parents started to understand what they were in for. CRAZYNESS
 First we checked out the polar bears and whales
 This walrus was sooo cute. and He had this weird bird that sat on his back every where he went and he never went all the way under water so the bird could stay with him the whole time. So cute.
 Watching the Dolphin show
 This girl will always pick face paintings over a toy. She looks so cute.
 Taking a rest. Pretty hot while we were there.
Afterwards we went to California Pizza kitchen. The temple was just across the freeway and it was just beautiful. Had to take a picture.


taylor said...

We were in San Diego at the same time! We wanted to go to Sea World but had already been to Disney Land/California Adventure the previous couple days and were wiped out. We LOVED it in San Diego, though! It's awesome there. Congrats on the baby!

Kata said...

There was so much to catch up on with your blog! so fun!!