Thursday, August 2, 2012

2 day

 The next day we decided that we better take it easy so that we didn't wear everyone down. So we went to this light house and tide pool, ok not our favorite but it was something to do.
 diesel loves any sand. Paisley hated it because they said you couldn't take any shells home from that beach. She was done.

 Teh view. So beautiful up there. Got some candy and before I could get the words "don't feed the animals" Paisley throw a gummy worm to this guy and he loved it. It was so hard to quit feeding him because he was just staring at us for me please.
 We did alittle shopping that day for Paisley's Birthday then came home for a little nap. Next we headed for a Padre's game. It was so fun. Diesel loves it and paisley loves the food.

 Once the 7th inning stretch game we really let everyone have it. We have been practicing that song and we are sang it to the ruff tops. SO FUN
The game went for like 4 extra innings but we had to stay because they did a big fireworks show that was so cool. VERY late night.


taylor said...

we went to the padres game too, it was awesome! Made me wish we lived closer to a ball park like that!

Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

Yeah Congratulations on being 13 weeks along! I am soo excited for you! I hope you are not having the morning sickness, and wish you luck in all the fun adventures that await you! Yeah I can't wait to find out what you are having! Congrats again!