Monday, July 30, 2012

Girls Camp

 I think it gives my parents much joy to see me go to girls camp. When I was younger I hated everything Young women's and I never went to girls camp. Times have changed. I love all my girls. They are so sweet and bright and they make me just smile. Camp was really fun. i decided to stay the night 2 nights and come home at night time twice. Brett took a week off of work to watch the kids. They headed to Vernal, UT to hang with grandma and grandpa. They didn't take any pictures but I know they had a wonderful time.

 Playing some games with the Bishopric Wednesday night.
 Beehives but second years (Bailey and Cheyenne)
 Emily and I
 Ashely and I
After testimony meetings. Sad the week went by so fast but glad I got to get closer with my girls.

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