Thursday, May 31, 2012

eclipse and Diesel

 I hope that on the sunday along time ago you guys went outside and looked at the eclipse! I was super cool. Made the tree shadows do weird things.
 Does anyone else have kids who LOVE this dog at old navy. I can't keep diesel away from him and for some reason because the dogs tongue is out Diesel thinks he need to give the dog a good LICK! I know its so gross. Silly boys. 
Well we are 1 for 2. The potty training is still not going well but hes sleeping in his bed wonderfully. I always start my kids on the floor so that when they roll off they don't fall and then never want to get back in bed. We are checking craigslist regularly to find a good bed for him.

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tamijane said...

Karli's little guy, Beckham, LOVES the dog at Old Navy, too! It's such a typical little kid thing! Looks like your little family is doing great!