Sunday, May 6, 2012

Charleston Day 1

 We finally made in to Charleston, SC and it was AMAZING!! We didn't ride on the same airplanes so I had to wait a little bit for Brett to make it in and then we headed to the hotel. Charleston is beautiful!!!! the homes, trees, people - everything just wonderful. we asked where a great restaurant was and they send us to Hominy Grill!!! WOW so good. we were a little under dressed but who cares. Great food. we walked to the restaurant and we really went the wrong way. My husband is big and I was still worried. Very VERY scary. This sign made me feel a little better! 
"Jesus is the only fire escape"
"No more water, but fire next time"
Gotta love the picture!
Got back to the hotel and went to bed early since brett had a bust day coming up with work, me, lots of sight seeing.


tadbaker said...

Tad and I loved the movie of the kids playing ball. They are awesome. We just watched the movie, "We bought a zoo." The little girl in the movie reminded us of Paisley and we were so in love with her the whole movie. Hope to see you soon at Landon's wedding! said...

Haha, we just watched We Bought a Zoo too and the girl on it totally reminded us of Paisley too!!! Love your pants.

sara cardon said...

You went to Charleston, SC?!? You know we live like 2 hours away, right?? Aaaahhhh! Looks like a fun getaway even if you didn't want to hook up with us.:)