Sunday, April 22, 2012

The place where dreams come true.
 Last weekend we were able to go with some good friends to California to do alittle beach and Disneyland! SO MUCH FUN! We went with great people to a great place and had a GREAT TIME!
Day one at the beach it was really windy. nice to be out of the car but windy. After the beach we went to the Regan Library and then to pick up sticks for dinner.
 Sunday we hit up a 9 oclock church and then a farmers market to pick up some food for lunch. The food was soo good! Wish we had a great farmers market!

 after lunch we decided that we could lay around at the beach as long as we didn't get in. The day was beautiful and we had lots of fun. We grabbed pizza on the way home and went to bed early so we would be ready for the big day.

 Amy's mom is starting a new business where you order princess packets where grandma's buy them for when there grandkids come to town and they have a great little weekend with them. Well we got to wear one and try it out for her and boy did all the girls love them and they had lots of people talking about them. The girls got along so well, I was very proud of them.
 we meet most of the princesses and we didn't have to wait in line for more then 20 minutes. NICE!
 twirling with sleeping beauty
Rob didn't listen to the instructions of not putting his hands in the water!!! One grad and we were rich! (we only kept 3 quarters)

 its a small world. I was prepared for paisley to love everything but i wasn't prepared for Diesel. He literally loved everything and hated if he couldn't ride something. gotta love his excitement.
 We were not in the front row but as hard as i tried i couldn't keep Diesel back with us. The little girl in the pink was not a big fan.

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sara cardon said...

So fun! Your kids are so cute and your vacation sounds amazing. We miss Disneyland! Or at least being 3 hours away.:)