Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter in Utah

 Well our trip up for easter started Tuesday night around 4. We headed to Utah and stayed at Mike and Traci's house. The next day we did alittle easter shopping and then headed to vernal. We played hard in vernal and had a great time with grandma and grandpa. One day we went to the park and really had a good time. such a good time that i left my camera there!!! needless to say mom and dad's easter present was a new camera. Isn't the new shoes i wanted but look at the pictures i would have missed without one. Saturday morning we headed back to provo to see Jane get baptised and had a wonderful lunch. That night Brett, Ed , Matt and I went to see the Real soccer team in salt lake and it was soooo fun. The next morning was easter and we were at Krista's house. The kids loved there little toys and being with there cousins.

 Paisley got a makeup phone!!!! I should have bought like 10 of them!
 Diesel got a bubble lawn mower!!!
 silly string fun!!!
alittle easter hunt!!!! Diesel in the background just playing in the dirt!

It was a wonderful weekend with lots of family!

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