Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brett's 31

 WE were so excited to hear that Brett's dad was coming into town so close to Brett's Birthday. We decided that we better take advantage of having him here and head out for Brett's Birthday. We went to Cheese Cake factory and it was sooo good. WE also got to get dessert and boy it looked like we had never had dessert before. BIG OLD PIGS

 On Brett's actual birthday we first took him a red velvet cake to work with a balloon and the kids loved doing that. Then we made him a hummingbird cake and decorated for dinner. Paisley tells everyone that dad had a bad birthday because he only got 2 shirts but hes getting a road bike as soon as he has time to pick one out.
 WE finished our first season of softball and we had tonz of fun. It was every friday night and miss emily was so nice to always come watch our kids. There are alot of people missing in this picture but we at least have one picture.
Spring cleaning. Gotta love that everything gets way messier before it gets better. Good thing dad doesn't get home til the end of the day.

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Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

Gosh It seems you have been in my thoughts constantly lately! I have been meaning to call you my old friend! Please tell Brett Art and I said Happy Be-lated Birthday and Hello! We hope you both and your darling kiddos are healthy and happy! How is Residency going? That is Awesome that you guys got to play softball and be on the same team, how fun! Life just seems to get busier and busier with this new little one! I ended up having a last minute c-section that was interesting, but some of the hiccups several of the nurses made after the surgery have made my recovery slow and painful, BUT Abram is SUCH a SWEET baby, holding him helps me forget the amount of time this recovery will actually take! Please give your darling kiddos a Big hug for us and tell that how much we miss you all! Katie every time I cook, lol, I think of you, it is funny the little reminders of you and your family I find myself pondering on or randomly wondering how life is going for you all, We need to not be such strangers now that distance is between us...I miss you, your laugh, along with your kiddos giggles, and light hearted spirit, towards life and things! Take care my beautiful friend, from our medical school adventure days! You are missed!