Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentine's days

This year for Valentines day we decided that we would stay in with our kids and have a fancy dinner and play games. The dinner was...... ok . It looked fancy but it was alittle much for the kids. But they each got to have there own dessert and they loved that.
We played alot of Bingo and paisley loved it. Diesel loved ruining dads game by hitting all the beads off.
Chocolate souffle. hum soooo good . Really rich though.

The rest of the night Brett and I did adult things..........
Turning our oven onto self cleaning and cleaning out our bathroom drains. HAHA we had alot of fun doing that surprisingly. Its a true blessing to be with someone that you love soo much that when you are cleaning some nasty drains every time i look over at him I can't help but smile. LOVE YA BABE!

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You did warn at the top of this post that it included adult content.